Our goal is to create the opportunity for new civil servants to be elected and smart policy to win out. For us, success means more participation, more people having a say in what happens to our city. In doing so, we will show that the City of Watertown will no longer be constrained by the status quo.
We are proposing term limits to all elected local officials.


Cliff Olney


Our mission is to create the right conditions for political change.

Term limits encourage more Watertownians to run for public office, promote innovative thinking and fresh ideas, and give elected officials the opportunity to have their own voice.
We need more participation.
No one challenged the Jefferson County Legislators in this year's elections.

This  needs to change. We can do this!


Cliff Olney



  • Payments in lieu of taxes? For whom and why?
  • Low wages helps whom?
  • Why your vote matters...here's how...
  • Local Candidate Questionnaire...
  • Tax abatements for whom?

Our Mission

It’s important to us to be clear about what types of economic development truly serve our community and what tax abatements do not. This list details our concerns.  We need your participation.

Watertown 3.0 is a political startup with a focus on Watertown's City Council & Mayoral elections. Progress starts with progressive leadership.



Our mission is to engage new audiences and to bring new voices into the city’s political discussions. To increase civic participation and voting rates.

The Lives Your Vote Impacts Are Your Own